Gainesville, FL – Rental Registration

Gainesville Florida landlords must register their rental units in Gainesville's PermitGNV Portal. This brief video shows you how!

WEBVTT - This file was automatically generated by VIMEO The Gainesville City commission has adopted the rental housing ordinance, which established annual licenses inspections minimum Energy Efficiency life safety and property maintenance standards for all residential rental units within the city.

If you have a room or rooms located in a condominium Co-op timeshare quadruplex Triplex.

Or single-family dwelling that is rented or advertised or held out to be rented for periods of at least 30 consecutive days or one calendar month.

Whichever is less. You need to apply for and maintain a rental housing license.

Public lodging establishments that are regulated by the state are exempt from this requirement the PermitGNV online portal provides you with all of the information you need to renew and existing rental housing license. You'll be notified VIA mail when it's time to renew your rental housing license.

The renewal needs to be submitted by September 30th every year you can access the permit gmv portal to renew your rental housing license from your computer or any mobile device.

PermitGNV simplifies the process of renewal if you haven't registered you can quickly do so by clicking on the register Now link We value our Gainesville property owners and managers and want to make it easy for you to renew your rental housing licenses renewing online is easy. You can access your renewal form from the portal to pay fees verify that required documents have been provided to your renters update contact information and change the status of your property. If it's no longer a rental you can review and securely pay for your fees online eliminating a trip to the Thomas Center. You can check on the status of your rental housing renewal from the PermitGNV portal clicking on the file number will open the renewal where you can see the renewal activities that have occurred and any documents associated with the renewal if you still have questions the PermitGNV portal provides a contact page with helpful information for different departments and services in Gainesville, whenever you need to renew your rental housing license visit www.gainsvillefl Go where access the portal directly by going to