Edit Document Source

Use the Edit Document Source tool to update the document source type of approved plans. You can make them easier for staff to find, and you can remove draft plan sets from view on the citizen portal.

Hi, this is Misha at citizenserve. In today's video. We'll explore the edit document sources tool which lets you edit the source of multiple documents at once today. I'm working on a development permit, but this feature works on permits licenses code complaints and general files, too. Let's see how it works. We just issued the final permit for this development project and we want to group all of the approved documents into a set of final plans changing the source type will help staff and applicants find the approved plan set more easily and we can also use this tool to remove submittal plans from the portal to help ensure your contractors always access the right set of plans.
Let's look at the documents tab to see the different plan sets on this project. I can see different versions of plan sets elevations landscape plans as well as emails and more.

To update the source type of all three approved plans, I'll select the Edit Document Source button in the top right of the screen. The edit document sources modal window shows a listing of all your documents.
Let's filter our view by setting the source type to document. At the top of the modal window, I'll click the dropdown to see the list of all of our document sources. These Source types are configurable. So your view will probably look different than mine. I'll select approved final plan set. Next I'll select the most recent approved plans. Now I'll save. And now on my documents tab, I can find the approved plans easily.

Let's take one more step for those original and resubmitted Plans by changing their document Source type. We can remove these Draft plans from the portal and our applicants and contractors will only see the approved plans from now on. Let's select the edit document Source tool again in the source field at the top of the screen. I'll select plan resubmittals. Then I'll select all of the prior submissions.
and I'll save.

In order to exclude these documents from the portal and admin user can open admin document source and then set display these document Types on Portal to never display or you can submit a support request and we'll take care of that for you. Now we have a set of approved plans that are easy for staff to find and can be seen on the portal and we have all Draft plans excluded from that portal View. And that's how you can edit the document Source on multiple documents at once.