Citizenserve's messaging tool allows municipal staff to talk to each other, to constituents on the Online Citizen Portal, or to citizenserve support staff.

Hi, this is Misha at citizenserve. Today, let's look at the messaging feature messaging is available on all file types, whether it be a permit a license a code case or a general file messaging allows staff to communicate with each other about a project in citizenserve with constituents on the portal and with the citizenserve support staff.

Staff send messages from the project file to send a message go to the file options menu, expand the send menu, and when I select message, I see the send message modal window.

The permit number field shows the permit I'm working from but if I wanted to talk about a different permit on the project, I could select it in the permit number drop-down.

The to: field list all contacts on the project as well.

As any staff reviewers assigned in the Project's workflow route. I'll select Ed our staff building inspector then I'll enter my message text in the message field. It's a long text field so you can enter as much as you need.

Then click Send a message.

Staff receive messages in a quick access message icon, and staff also received messages in an email.

Staff can also message constituents.

Ed can click view permit from Ellie's message and expand the send menu then select message to contact Randy.

Ed just selects Randy as the recipient and then types in the message text. And click Send.

Contacts receive a message indicator in the portal once they're logged in.

And they'll receive an email that includes the message as well.

When the customer clicks on the message icon in the portal it displays their messages and provides some options.

They can view the message including the project details.

They can navigate to the project number by clicking the project link just use the back button to return to the message View.

And they can reply to the message by clicking the reply link.

The reply view also displays the original message. So the customer doesn't have to hunt for it. Just type in your message and click submit.

Portal users can navigate to any tab from the my message screen.

Citizenserve support can also message you and vice versa.

When you submit a support request citizenserve staff May respond to you with a message asking for clarification or giving instructions.

Support can also send you additional helpful information call the tip. It appears at the bottom of the message as a yellow light bulb. Click the icon to see the tip. Close the tip using the X in the upper right corner.

You can reply to the message using the reply button.

The quick access message icon will display unread messages. Once you click on a message to view it. It's considered read.
To keep the message in your quick access toolbar click the Mark as Unread button.

You can view your older messages by clicking view all messages from the bottom of the quick access message menu.

By default the my messages page displays your unread messages.

Read message Flags come from citizenserve support staff and blue message flags are from internal staff or portal users.

To view other messages uncheck the list unread only checkbox and either enter a keyword to search by.

Or enter the percent character to search for all.

The bolded text shows who sent the message.

And you can click on the message to access the message tools.

To View a Permit, Mark as Unread, Reply, or View the Next Message.

Let's mark this as unread mail. So we'll move back to Ellie's quick access message menu.

If you'd like to ask us a question about your support request just expand the support center menu open Support Center and on your request select the message option.

And now, you know about citizensere messaging feature if you have questions, or for one-on-one training submit a support request. We look forward to hearing from you.