Land Management

Citizenserve's land management software completely automates the processes associated with application, review, routing, inspections, resubmittals, and public notification.

Citizenserve’s land management software solutions automates the permitting process which increases efficiency and effectiveness for project staff and citizens.

Applicants start on the online portal, where they learn about their jurisdiction’s specific land management applications and processes, including the ability to view and download submittal requirements.

When ready, applicants submit government land management applications through the portal, and can pay online at submission or at different project milestones.

Participants can view project status and all project data, submit new plans and documents, and message staff to keep everyone on the same page.

Citizenserve has helped us launch into the digital age by transforming our services from antiquated paper processes to digital, streamlined and transparent workflows. The ease of use and simplicity has not only helped free up staff time but has helped our citizens stay up to date throughout our various permitting processes.

- City of Navasota, Texas

Our municipal land management software streamlines the land management process for your staff and all project stakeholders.

Automated workflows route application tasks to the correct reviewer or department, sequentially or consecutively. When tasks are completed, the system automatically notifies the next reviewer, saving time and staff effort.

Citizenserve's government land management software includes valuable tools like a browser-based document markup tool; available integration to plan review tools like BlueBeam and ProjectDox; configurable email and letter templates; messaging between staff and constituents; upload documents, plans, and photos to the project, and much more.

Easily generate letters, public notices, meeting agendas, and certificates, and view reports of any data in the database. Citizenserve will keep your land management projects on time, on track, and transparent to participants. With increased efficiency and automation, your staff can spend more time with your constituents and less time on paperwork.

Request a live demonstration below and learn how citizenserve can bring your community into the digital age. Let citizenserve help you deliver your services in a whole new way.

Online Land Management Applications

Citizenserve can help your municipality go paperless quickly.
Your applicants can submit applications, pay fees, and check the review status in real-time through citizenserve’s online portal. Your staff can create customized routes for various types of application reviews—including reviews required, review deadlines, and routing priority.

Land Management Software Plan Review

Incoming applications are automatically routed to appropriate departments and staff based on your specific requirements. Plan reviewers can view electronic plans quickly and enter review comments from an online glossary of common corrections to create the plan review report. Reviewers can also easily track public notice due dates based on preselected hearing dates.

Zoning Board Hearings

The proximity search feature in our land management software allows for batched notification of parcels in the same area. Newspaper and other notice reminders can be automatically generated based on selected hearing dates. Your staff can also easily generate Hearing Board Agendas based on the digital compilation of all items up for review.

Land Management Reports

Citizenserve provides custom metrics from a dashboard that is customizable for each user -- never miss a review, hearing, or deadline. You can print or export reports to Excel and create dynamic merge templates to mail or email constituents in a batch process. Need a special report? Our support staff will create it for you as part of our Complete Customer Care Program.

Community Development Software, Simplified

          Government software systems often cause more headaches than they solve. Citizenserve has been designed from the beginning as an easy-to-use, robust, secure and reliable, community software solution. But don’t take our word for it, read our user reviews. The system is fully configurable, meaning you can configure the software to meet your requirements rather than changing your processes to meet an inflexible municipal software package. In addition to this land management solution, citizenserve offers integrated solutions for permitting software, fire permits and fire inspections software,code enforcement software, and request tracking software, as well as solutions for business licensing software, including health inspection software, rental registration software, and contractor licensing software.

          Our online portal makes it easy for your applicants to submit the right application and supporting documents, make online payments, and track the status of their submission. With our configurable workflows and tools, your staff can quickly complete reviews and communicate electronically with the applicant. Request a demo today to see how citizenserve’s flexible, configurable community development suite can meet the needs of your municipality and constituents. Citizenserve: community development software, simplified.

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