Inspection Software for Different Inspections Your Local Government Needs

As governments strive to ensure save living and working conditions in their communities, onsite inspections play an integral role in the process. Access to efficient and convenient inspection software is a sure way to serve your community while offering your inspectors the tools they need to get their inspections done quickly and completely. If you aren’t convince of the benefits of e-government – check out these articles on Why Government Software Saves Time and Money, and to dig deeper into e-government and govtech, read What is e-government?, and what is govtech and why governments need it.

Amusement Ride Inspection Software

According to their best data available in 2015, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission said: "eight states do not have state administered inspection programs for portable rides; and eight states and the District of Columbia do not have state‐administered inspection programs for fixed‐site rides.1" The remaining states administer inspections programs for their fixed-site and portable amusement rides. Inspection software integrates with licensing software to provide a full overview of the ride's history and business owner details. Custom fields allow each state to track the specific data required to assist in their ride administration. Field generated reports, or the ability to mass generate inspection results help amusement ride inspectors complete their work efficiently. And inspectors can red tag potentially dangerous rides to help keep the public safe. Plus, the system allows easy corrections when the ride operator completes the necessary fixes. For more information about the states that offer amusement ride administration, visit the USCPSC for a Directory of State Amusement Ride Safety Officials.

Boiler and Pressure Vessel Inspection Software

Boiler and Pressure Vessel inspections are integral to ensuring public safety and reducing risk to property damage from boiler and pressure vessel. Boiler and pressure vessel inspection software helps state and municipal governments track the inspection and safety history of pressure vessels in it's borders. Inspectors complete inspection checklists on specific boilers and pressure vessels in the field, including the ability to upload photographs and cite violations, and can generate inspection reports on the spot. Inspectors can complete boiler installation inspections or periodic operational inspections as needed over time. Inspectors manage their workload through task list or dashboard metrics, identifying high risk or overdue inspections easily. And with unlimited reporting, management can identify and balance workloads easily. For more information about boiler and pressure vessel inspections, please visit the National Board of Boiler and Pressure Vessel Inspectors.

Building Inspection Software

Building inspections cover all aspects of the built environment. A dynamic inspection software can create checklist or offer common comments for inspectors to choose. Photos can be taken on a mobile device or through the inspection software and uploaded in the field. Browser based programs like Citizenserve provide full access to the building project documents, and inspection reports are auto generated when the inspection is completed.

Elevator and Conveyance Inspection Software

According to OSHA standard 1917.116(e): "Elevators and escalators shall be thoroughly inspected at intervals not exceeding one year. Additional monthly inspections for satisfactory operation shall be conducted by designated persons. Records of the results of the latest annual elevator inspections shall be posted in elevators. Records of annual escalator inspections shall be posted in the vicinity of the escalator or be available at the terminal.2" Elevator and conveyance inspection software provides multiple tools for the onsite inspector. From custom checklists, common comment lists, the ability to cite violations and apply red tags, upload photos, and generate inspection reports in the field, robust inspection software helps the inspector complete their work quickly and efficiently, while complying with local state and OSHA standards.

Fire Inspection Software

Fire inspections are a vital tool to ensure the safety of our built environments. With fire inspection software, inspectors manage annual fire inspections of public and private buildings, as well as fire inspections related to building process. The best inspection software allows inspectors to manage a heavy workload with just in time inspection activities - as well as metrics to identify upcoming, late, or missed inspections. For more information about fire inspections, check out this article on Fire Permit and Fire Inspections.

Hazardous Materials Inspection Software

From gasoline o propane storage, to fireworks manufacturing and sales, hazardous materials must be managed with public safety and property protection in mind. Hazardous Materials Inspection Software brings all of the tools your inspectors need into the field, making on site inspections a breeze. Inspectors can map out their inspection route for the day, then complete their days inspections by completing a configurable checklist for each inspection tyep they must investigate. Inspectors can upload photos, cite code violations, and generate inspection reports in the field, or in batch, back in the office. Robust dashboard metrics and unlimited reports give hazardous materials inspectors oversight of their processes and give management oversight of staff workloads.

Health Inspection Software

In paper-based systems, health inspectors fill out a carbon copy inspection form, tally health violations and deduct points from a total score of 100. Inspectors manually tally a final score, and hand a carbon copy to the business owner. Inspectors must track return visits and manage their calendar of appointments. Health inspectors benefit from health inspection software that enables inspection tracking and easy entry of health code violations. Data entry can be on a digital form, where the inspector selects the violation and can easily select pre-written comments or add their own manual comments. Alternatively, inspectors can use a common comments library to select the health code violation. Inspectors take photographs using their mobile device and can upload those to the health inspection for use in the inspection report or just as part of the inspection history. At the end of the inspection, the inspection software facilitates easy generation of the inspection report. The inspector can select the report template and make any edits on the fly, or the system can automatically generate an emailed report when the inspector completes the inspection activity. Check out this video on citizenserve’s health inspection software in action.

Point of Sale Inspection Software

Many jurisdictions require a point of sale inspection when a house or building changes ownership. Point of Sale Inspection software provides inspectors with the tools, reports, and metrics needed to manage their workload, and perform their daily tasks. As in the other inspection types listed above, point of sale inspectors complete configurable checklists or choose common comments that apply to the inspection. Inspectors take photos on site and generate the inspection report or certificate of occupancy at the time it is completed, giving the buyer and seller confirmation that the sale can proceed, or the checklist of items to address before reinspection.

Rental Inspection Software

Municipal Rental Registration and Inspection programs are a public safety measure meant to provide a minimum level of tenants safety. Rental Inspection software provides configurable checklists, a list of common comments, the ability to add unlimited manual comments, upload photos, generate reports on site, and issue certificates of occupancy, if needed.

Citizenserve’s Inspection Software Solutions

Citizenserve's integrated community development software includes inspections integrated with licensing, permitting, code enforcement, or for annual or periodic inspections. Inspectors can see any activity on the property or by contact, which provides a global picture of activity at the time of inspection. Unlimited report writing and gis integration mean inspectors can generate routing reports of the days inspections. Dashboard metrics and tasks list display assigned work as well as the body of future work available. And with our Complete Customer Care program, inspectors can request the reports or metrics they need to be most efficient managing their workload.

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