Electronic System for Permit Submittal, Document Review, and Mobile Inspection Software

Three hour live Citizenserve software demonstration. Review a complex planning & zoning software development project with multiple workflows for approval, including planning committee and council meeting activities. Covering both the staff side of the permitting software and the citizen portal software. Administration and configuration features are also covered for implementing land management software. Citizen portal, IVR and SMS Text Inspection software scheduling.


6.1 Overview
The following sections contain the scripts for the Functionality Demonstration.

a. Scenario:
An applicant wants to develop a 15-lot subdivision. In order to do so, the applicant is required to submit applications requesting approval for Land Use (planning), Site Development (engineering), and Building following through with review, revisions, bonding, construction, inspections, and close out to achieve occupancy of the individual houses.

b. Application Entry:
1. Applications requesting approval from:
• Planning (Land Use)
• Site Development (Engineering)
• Building
2. Sequential, Concurrent, or both

c. System Use:
1. Applicant View
2. Community View
3. Plan Reviewer (staff) View
4. Inspections View
5. City Administrative View

d. Warnings / Flagging Sites
1. Locks
2. Holds
3. Notices

e. Performance Maintenance Periods
1. Setting
2. Tracking
3. Closing

f. Genealogy of a Property
1. Different/Change of Project Names (Aliases)
2. Land Divisions
3. Multiple Land Divisions

g. Administration