Online Permitting Software and Citizen Portal

Citizenserve® is a comprehensive software and service solution for community development departments that covers all aspects of permitting, planning & zoning, code enforcement, licensing and inspections. The software not only encompasses internal functions but also expands into an electronic relationship with citizens, contractors and businesses involved in the processes of permitting, licensing, inspections and enforcement. The opportunity for increased service for citizens, efficiency and costs savings are profound using Citizenserve.

The software was developed from the beginning as an internet software service, commonly referred to Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) or Cloud computing. This is the future of software. The benefits include:

1. You pay as you go; no upfront capital costs, no long-term commitments, and no hardware or software to install and maintain.
2. You are up and running quickly. You only need an internet connection and a browser. Citizenserve works with many browser and device combinations (iPad, Android, etc.).
3. You are really paying for service not software. The Citizenserve subscription comes with unlimited customer support. This includes setting up new permits, changes in fees or letters, creation of new reports and processes, etc.
4. You get frequent updates. Through our unlimited customer support we constantly improve the service and make updates to the software monthly.

Citizenserve is already up and running with thousands of users. We simply need to add your users to the software and configure your implementation with your permit types, applications, fees, violation types, letters, etc. Citizenserve pricing is based on an annual subscription per named user. The number of users can be increased or decreased at any time. The subscription includes all components, all features and unlimited support. Because Citizenserve comes with unlimited customer support there are no surprises. Need a new report, its included! Need to change your setup after going live, its included! Need additional technical or end-user training, its included!

Citizenserve is low cost, comes with unlimited service, does not require a multiyear commitment, provides world class data protection, disaster recovery and business continuance assurance, and has over thirteen years of success solving the problems you seek help with.