Permit and License Workflow Software

Describe how your software product can utilize workflow routines to assist in the permitting and inspection process.

An unlimited number of activity types can be setup in Citizenserve. These can all be at the department level or inherited from a higher level department. The permit and license application review activities can be organized into workflow routes. Each activity type, like a review or inspection can have a form consisting of unlimited custom fields and a common comments/common corrections book with categories. The form or comment information can be used easily to generate plan review reports or inspection reports that can be e-mailed or generated in a letter to applicants or contractors. Inspections can also have conditions, so a final inspection cannot be scheduled unless all the other required inspections are complete. Inspections can be done in the field using an iPad, pictures can be added to the file, and inspectors can generate inspection reports in the field. Inspection reports can also send e-mails or trigger other actions, like sending a notice to the electric company to hook up the electricity if an inspection passes.

The status of the reviews and review comments can be made available on the citizen portal for contractors and citizens. Generated documents are also available so your constituents can access inspection reports, plan review reports, building permits and certificates online.