Permit Issuing Software Example Statement of Work

Cloud based licensing permitting issuing software makes implementation easy. We cut out all the inefficiencies of traditional software and can jump right into configuring permits and licenses for your citizens. All the configuration is on-the-fly, real-time and while the system is live. Changes are easy to make and with Citizenserve the software support and service is unlimited. Here's an example of the steps we take to implement permitting, licensing, inspection, enforcement and case management solutions.

Example - Statement of Work

1. Setup users and departments in Citizenserve

2. Setup security roles

3. Setup Permit and License types in Citizenserve

4. Configure Permit and License type on Citizen Portal

5. Configure review routes based on application types

6. Setup inspection types, checklists, and inspection reports (letter and e-mail formats)

7. Setup fee schedule for each application type, including late fees and interest

8. Setup case types, violation types and enforcement processes.

9. Setup system outputs, letter and e-mail templates

10. Import and geocode property data including parcel number, legal description and owner information

11. Import any GIS layers used in mapping and reporting

12. Setup payment gateway for applications paid for via the Citizen Portal

13. Setup integration points

14. Create data migration scripts

15. After setup is complete perform test data migration, walkthrough data migration with key users.

16. Train staff users in small groups, two 90 minute training sessions to start. Provide additional sessions where necessary.

17. Run final data migration before go live date

18. Provide end user and IT support.