Permitting Software Data Migration

Please describe your organization’s recommended approach toward retention of legacy data. Please describe what options are available/supported within your proposed solution. Also, please provide any relevant references of organizations that have successfully addressed legacy data with your solution.

Data migrations are a part of almost every Citizenserve implementation. Our staff is highly experienced in working with legacy community development systems, both custom developed and permitting software products. Typically we complete the setup first then map the legacy data to the setup. The custom field feature in Citizenserve can easily be used to make sure there is a place for all the legacy data and no data gets left behind. The data migration can be done at the departmental level so departments can go-live separately. The data migration can also be run before going live or at any time after going live. The data migration records are marked in the system, so if there is an issue we can easily fix it without effecting newly entered records. Unlimited storage is provided with Citizenserve and we never remove or archive any data. So if you want keep all your data in Citizenserve forever that is included, we can also setup archiving processes if the jurisdiction has a records retention policy.