Rental Registration and Rental Inspection Software

Below are eleven scenarios that we would like you to demonstrate during the next product demonstration. Please setup and configure user rights, workflows, forms and settings in advance of the demonstration.

Please take liberties in configuring where scenarios might not be clear.
Please only modify the software in ways that would be available to each municipality. Do not do any custom coding beyond capabilities that are available "out of the box". Where the system cannot perform a task in the scenario, explain the limitations during the demonstration.
Please have a sample database setup to use to perform these scenarios.

1. Annual Property Maintenance Inspection Scenario
a. Assumptions
i. Apartment unit with common space and two units that will be inspected
b. Electronic Field Inspection
i. Show actual hardware that would be used in field
ii. Show how select from list (Drop down or checkboxes) of standard violations.
iii. Show how to indicate location of violation from a drop down (First Floor, Bedroom)
iv. Common Areas
1. Enter 5 different violations, some with custom notes
v. Enter interior of two Units
1. Enter 3 different violations for each unit, some violations with custom notes
vi. Take photos and associate with a specific violation
1. Markup?
2. Add notes/comments for location
3. Include photos in violation report.
vii. List an area as “Unable to inspect” and indicate the reason as “snow covered”.
c. Assign Separate compliance dates for the violations
d. Show how system flags for follow-up
e. Generate violation notice in the field
i. Violation notice gets distributed to owner
1. Via email
2. Via a Bluetooth printer
f. Show follow-up inspection
i. Show several of the violations are resolved
ii. Show several of the violations are not complete
iii. Show several violations as “Unsatisfactory” with a note about the reason.
iv. Add an additional violation for the area that was previously snow covered.
g. Owner logs in to see
i. Violation and the status
2. Property Management Scenario
a. Multiple addresses for parties in control
b. County info imported
c. Flag just one of the addresses as the primary mailing address.
i. Additionally ability to flag multiple addresses as all getting mailings.
d. Ability to flag a property with important information that will notify a user when a new application is submitted for the property.
3. Rental Registration Scenario
a. Staff side
i. Batch Rental Registration is Due
b. Customer Side
i. Web based portal
ii. Show how an owner can register multiple units
1. Assume owner has 5 single family homes on separate sites
iii. Update addresses
1. Owner
2. Agent In Charge
3. Tenant name
a. Change of Tenant
iv. Schedule an inspection
v. Pay for registration
c. Intake side
i. How the staff processes the application
ii. Query which applications are passed due
iii. Send a batch email to owners of all rentals
4. Scheduling Inspections Scenario
a. Demonstrate how a customer selects an inspection date/ time
b. What options does your software platform provide?
c. Blocks of times?
5. Plan Review Tracking Scenario
a. Customer Side
i. General Building Permit Entered
ii. Plans Uploaded
iii. Pay for Permit
iv. Ability to track status
b. Staff side
i. Design Review by Planning Commission / Architectural Board of Review.
ii. Pricing for Building Permits for one project with multiple types of fees
1. Plan Review Fee
2. Base Fee
3. Fee determined by square footage
4. State OBBS fees
5. One that already paid a partial plan review
iii. Plans Circulated
1. Engineering
2. Fire
3. Master Plans Examiner
iv. Demonstrate Plans Marked up (if possible)
v. Comments provided to CBO
c. Approval Created and circulated to Owner
6. Mailing Notices for a 200’ Buffer Scenario
a. Show how GIS can create a 200’ buffer around an address and automatically generate the mailing letters for the purpose of sending out meeting notices.
7. Reporting Scenario
a. Show how you can generate and save reports
i. Run on an “as needed basis”
ii. Automatically run and email on a monthly schedule
b. Show how you can share a report with other users. Not as a static report, but one that would take them to a live view of the data
8. Inspectors’ View Scenario
a. Show how each individual can sort and view their “dashboard”.
b. Show how they sort, schedule, and plan their work for the day.
9. Parent/Child Relationship Scenario
a. Demonstrate parent housing violation
i. Child Building Permit
ii. Child Architectural Review Board Application
iii. Child Documents
iv. If violation was for “Failure to Obtain a Permit” once a child permit is obtained it would automatically resolve the initial violation notice.
v. Violation for a porch needing to be rebuilt. Once permit finaled out, parent housing violation is notified or automatically resolved.
10. User Account Scenario
a. Show how user accounts are setup and configured
i. Show how control is given to individual departments for read-only vs edit rights.
b. Show how changes to property info and permits is tracked and tied to a user
11. Escrow Account Requirement Scenario
a. Show how your software platform can be used to track escrow requirements for properties.