Business License Renewal Training Video

Watch this business license renewal training video recorded prior to a customer go-live. Staff training is a great example of our ongoing support. Citizenserve's Complete Customer Care model also includes system changes, training, and support after go-live.

Business License Renewal Training

In this training video, the engagement manager trains new users on the business license renewal process. Every customer is unique, so we'll build your process to suit your needs. We use custom fields to build your forms so we can gather all the data you require. The business license module includes a citizen portal, where business owners can apply and pay for their own business licenses. Each application type can have its own workflow route and set of requirements documents. Staff can review applications, request changes, or approve and issue the licenses online. And with additional tools such as a browser-based document markup tool, convenient email and letter templates, and integration with other modules, citizenserve helps your staff be efficient and effective.

Project Implementation Strategy

Before we begin training our customers on the business license renewal process, we use an agile implementation strategy and work with our customers closely to configure their site to their needs. During weekly walk-through meetings, an Engagement Manager will demonstrate new development and gather user feedback. After the walk-through, it's very important that each user test and play in the system to confirm it works as expected, and to discover any edge cases that must be addressed. The Engagement Manager will incorporate user feedback and show it off during the next weekly meeting. Once the user is satisfied that the system works as desired, it's time to train system users and go live.

About Citizenserve

Citizenserve is a cloud-based community development software suite. We configure our software to meet your needs. In addition to Business Licenses and renewals, we also offer solutions for online Building Permits, Business Licenses, Development Projects, Code Enforcement, and Requests. The Citizenserve Subscription also includes an Online Citizen Portal. Explore our site see how we can support your community development efforts!