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Document Management Q&A

The following questions were included in a formal Permitting and Land Management System Request for Information from a city of about 62,500 residents.  Read our responses below for more information about some of the document management features included in Citizenserve's e-government software solution.

1.14   Document Management

1.14.1. Describe the application’s capabilities for document management.

Citizenserve Response: Citizenserve includes robust document management and unlimited storage. Any type of file can be attached to a case file, including Word, Excel, digital photos, electronic plans, and emails; documents and emails generated by Citizenserve are automatically associated with the relevant case file.

1.14.2. Describe the integration you provide with third-party document management solution providers.

Citizenserve Response: Citizenserve has robust document management capabilities and does not have a limit on document storage; most customers choose to use Citizenserve’s internal document management functionality rather than integrate to a third-party document management solution. However, we have provided this integration for past customers; Mount Prospect, Illinois and Rogers, Minnesota are two examples where we provided integration between Citizenserve and Laserfiche.

Citizenserve Document Markup Tool – On a PC

An in-depth review of the features included in Citizenserve's document markup tool.

  1. How to access the markup tool
  2. Create a new stamp
  3. Add stamps to all pages
  4. Edit Stamps
  5. Add Shapes (Rectangle, Circle, Arrow, Line, Free-Draw Tool)
  6. Tools
    2. Text Box
    3. Highlighter
    4. Measurement Tools
      1. Calibration Tool
      2. Measure area
      3. Measure a length
      4. Measure Distance (around a corner!)
  7. View other reviewer comments
  8. View/add comments
  9. Common comments book
  10. Undo/redo/eraser/zoom tools/display-hide item numbers
  11. Email markup
  12. Generate markup pdf
  13. View markup comments from the citizen portal
  14. Import comments from prior version


Cloud Based Online Code Enforcement

Overview of Citizenserve Code Enforcement and Request Tracking Cloud Based Software

1. View Inspections on a map (7:40)
2. Home page metrics (8:29)
3. Annual weedy lot notice (9:06)
4. Create code case (10:45)
5. Add complainant to case (11:10)
6. Add address – review integrated property data (11:50)
7. View created case file (14:48)
8. Add note to file (15:07)
9. Complete code enforcement inspection activity (16:29)
a. Add a violation (16:52)
b. Upload photos (17:42)
c. Use document markup tool on uploaded photos (19:11)
10. Manage individual violations (20:04)
11. Generate violation letter – include photos and letter variables and inspectors digital signature (20:18)
12. Schedule follow up inspection (23:55)
13. Escalate case - generate citation letter – generate fees programatically (24:17
14. Schedule follow up inspection (24:01)
15. Generate citation form letter for escalation (24:22)
16. Print case report for court (26:06)
17. Print or email case file for court hearing (26:04)
18. How do alerts (and other items) get attached to address file (overview of the property file and how it displays related permits, licenses, and violations) (27:11)
19. Review contact file (people and businesses) (29:39)
20. Code enforcement from an iPad – use voice recognition, take and upload photos in the field, add violations (30:49)
21. Health licensing code enforcement in Massachusetts municipality (34:05)
22. Inspection Report built as state mandated form (35:21)
23. Non- criminal tickets (36:19)

Electronic Planning and Zoning Software

Overview of Citizenserve Planning and Zoning module.

  • Overview of citizen portal
  • Apply for subdivision of land permit through online portal(5:18)
  • Online application payment through payment processor (9:55)
  • Review submitted application through portal (10:29)
  • Overview of Citizenserve application (14:30)
    • My Tasks
    • Metrics (15:33)
    • Overview of Permit Project file (16:31)
    • Unlimited support - submit Support Center Request (19:41)
    • My Recent Files (20:14)
    • My Links (20:27)
    • My Notes (20:32)
    • Home Page configuration (20:41)
  • Architectural plan review activity (21:36)
    • Electronic document markup tool (22:34)
      • Create a stamp
      • Add comment to stamp
      • Add comment to document
    • Review comments
    • Complete activity
      • Email review comments to applicant (27:40)
  • Review activity review comments from citizen portal (30:04)
  • Review workflow route status updates from Citizenserve (30:56)
  • Review initial reviewer document markup comments from the citizen portal (31:25)
  • Complete Engineering Plan Review activity (32:05)
    • Electronic document markup tool (32:55)
    • See multiple reviewer comments
    • Calibrate document to draw measurements
    • Calculate area on map and add comments from comment book to area shape
    • Draw rectangle and add comments
    • Draw arrow and add comments
  • Review document markup and review comments on citizen portal (39:00)
  • Design Review Team Meeting Agenda Creation (40:29)
  • Can we get a map report of the DRT Agenda sites? (42:17)
  • Can Citizenserve handle external (out of agency) reviewers?  (45:44)
  • Who owns the data if it's in Citizenserve? (48:55)
  • Managing communication between applicant and staff (49:59)