Mobile Permitting Software Q&A

Citizenserve offers Mobile Permitting Software in it's community development software suite. The following questions were included in a formal Permitting and Land Management System Request for Information from a city of about 62,500 residents.  Read our responses below for more information about some of the Mobile Workforce features included in Citizenserve's e-government software solution.

1.12   Mobile Permitting Sofware

1.12.1. Describe how your mobile solution supports all mobile devices, operating systems and browsers.

Citizenserve Response: Citizenserve is device and browser independent and has full functionality from mobile devices.

1.12.2. Describe the capabilities of the mobile tools provided with your solution.

Citizenserve Response: Citizenserve is device independent and has full functionality from mobile devices. Citizenserve can leverage tools on the mobile device such as speech to text functionality for inspectors to enter inspection results.

1.12.3. Describe your mobile permitting software solution’s ability to support speech to text functionally, as well as any spell check capabilities.

Citizenserve Response: Citizenserve leverages the speech-to-text and spell check functionality of the device and browser.

1.12.4. Describe how the mobile solution will allow the linking of photos and other documents to permits using mobile devices. Provide information on where and how these attachments are stored.

Citizenserve Response: A user such as an inspector can take a photo from a mobile device such as a Surface or iPad, and can upload the photo to the open case file. The attachments are immediately stored to the application server and transferred to the database on a nightly process.

1.12.5. Describe the options for mobile permitting software connectivity and the related security environment.

Citizenserve Response: Citizenserve is a cloud-based system; mobile users have the same security protections as desktop users.