Code Enforcement Software New York

We gave this demo on our Code Enforcement Software in a formal proposal process to an city in New York. Here are topics covered:

Submit a Code Complaint through the citizen portal.

Merge duplicate complaints.
Add and Complete an inspection activity.
Then add violations.
Finally, close the Code Case.
Next, review a High Grass Case.
Then create a Notice of Violation.
Also, create a Work Order Activity.
Then create the work order and send to a contractor. Log hours worked and add fees.
Finally create a Citation Notice and track payments.

Handling Court Hearings in Citizenserve’s Code Enforcement Software for new York

First review a Code Case.
Next, view the Notice of Violations which includes a hearing notice.
Then, view the Court Order.
Show scheduling options/manage annual inspections.
Then review inspection request setup.
Also review the notification matrix. The matrix assigns tasks or emails to users at certain steps in the project.
Finally, review the property file. This links to all permits, licenses, violations, inspections, and documents related to the parcel.

What is Citizenserve? Is it just Code Enforcement Software, New York? No Way!

Citizenserve offers more than just Code Enforcement Software! We offer cloud-based solutions for Building Permits, Planning Projects, Business Licenses, Code Enforcement, and Request Tracking. We will work with you in an agile process to configure your online forms and workflow steps. You decide when you are ready to go live, and we support you before, during, and after your launch.

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