Online Building Permit Software

This video is a live demo recording of Citizenserve's online building permit software. We prepared it to answer specific questions about our software's general features and the Building Permit process in response to a formal RFP from an East Coast city.

Citizen Portal Overview

The portal is built for your citizens. In addition to Online Building Permit Software, we offer modules for Business Licensing, Development Projects, Code Enforcement, and Request Tracking. We configure your portal to display only the services you want to offer. With helpful features like file search, reports, and content pages devoted to your services. The portal offers citizens everything they need to know about your processes. Moreover, with a built-in chat feature, our support staff answers your citizens' questions online. Built with HTML5 responsive design, the site content displays on any size screen in a logical way. This is important because you can't dictate how your users come to your site.

Citizenserve Staff Side Overview

Our cloud-based software is device and browser-independent. So there is no software to download and no plug-ins to manage. We'll configure a dashboard of tools for each municipal subscriber. The tools help you manage Tasks and appointments, monitor important processes through dashboard metrics, and easily navigate between project tabs. We also offer a robust search feature that allows you to search for contacts, files, or property records.

During your initial site build, we configure your workflow routes. We support both concurrent and consecutive reviews. When the staff reviews the project, they select comments from a comment book, mark up plan sets with the built-in document markup tool, and use email templates to communicate with project contacts. Our software helps you track reviews on multiple resubmissions, and when it's time to approve the permit, you can invoice before it is issued.

Submit online building permit through the citizens portal

To use the portal, Citizens, contractors, and business owners first register for an account. Then they choose an application to submit. We configure our online forms, also known as applications, using custom fields. Hence, we gather the information you need in the format you need it. We can interface with your best source of parcel data to provide your municipal addresses on your, contractors select the project address

Moreover, Citizens track the progress of their application through the review process and receive automated system emails at project milestones.

  • Address data is pulled from your valid parcel data
  • Citizenserve will configure your permits based on your current paper (or digital) applications
  • Collect payment at the portal - Citizenserve will load your fee structure into the system to auto-generate the appropriate fees.
  • Process the Submitted Application

    • Application Intake
    • Consecutive or concurrent review
    • Common Comments Book
    • Document markup tool
    • Generate Planning Meeting Minutes/Agenda through Citizenserve
    • Conditions of Approval
    • Issue Permit

    Review Online Building Permit Software Project Status from the Citizen Portal

    About Citizenserve

    Citizenserve is a cloud-based community development software suite. We configure our software to meet your needs. In addition to Online building Permit Software we also offer solutions for online Business Licenses, Development Projects, Code Enforcement, and Request Tracking. Explore our site see how we can support your community development efforts!