Code Enforcement How To Training Video

This Code Enforcement how to training video was created from a customer training prior to go-live with their software package. Citizenserve offers a Complete Customer Care model that includes system changes, training, and support after go-live. Citizenserve is different than other software providers. We run agile weekly meetings to show our customers what we've built, and gather their feedback for desired changes. Once the customer approves the build, we train their municipal staff and launch the software. Once live, we continue our Complete Customer Care model. We complete system changes and provide system support to ensure our customers get the most out of our system.

Highly Configurable Code Enforcement Software

Citizenserve configures your code complaint forms using custom fields. This means we can gather any information you need to manage your code compliance issues. Citizens can also upload documents or send messages from the portal to track their complaints and staff is notified so no work languishes on the portal. Using citizenserve's cloud-based software, compliance officers can work from any device on any browser in the field. During an inspection, the officer can add violations, take photographs, generate letters, and create follow up inspections. Citizenserve's modules are integrated, so building officials can see open code cases, and code officers can add stop-work orders to building sites. Your citizenserve subscription includes unlimited report writing and metrics, another report type, provide a graphical view of processes to staff and management. Keep exploring our site to see how citizenserve can help you with your Code Enforcement efforts.

About Citizenserve

Citizenserve is a cloud-based community development software suite. We configure our software to meet your needs. In addition to Code Enforcement, we also offer solutions for online Building Permits, Business Licenses, Development Projects, and Requests. Citizenserve also includes your very own Online Citizen Portal. Explore our site to see how we can support your community development efforts!