Web Services Q&A

The following questions were included in a formal Permitting and Land Management System Request for Information from a city of about 62,500 residents.  Read our responses below for more information about some of the Web Service features included in Citizenserve's e-government software solution.

1.11   Web Services

1.11.1. Describe the capability to provide web-based self-services, including the ability to allow customers to submit, track, and pay for services (inspections/permit information for example) and access their respective information (i.e., permits, plan review, inspection) online.

Citizenserve Response: Citizenserve provides a configurable and customizable online portal that allows citizens, contractors, and businesses to participate electronically in the processes of permitting, code enforcement, inspections, licensing, and requests. The portal can be configured as a link off of the City’s website.

  • Planning and zoning applicants can submit applications, attach plan documents, check on the status of an application, and pay application fees through the online portal.
  • With Citizenserve permitting software your contractors, architects, engineers, and property owners can apply for a permit, upload digital plans, schedule an inspection, pay application fees, and check on the status of an application online.
  • Citizens can report possible code violations and check on the status through the online portal. You can communicate with your citizens effectively and efficiently by using Citizenserve’s automatic notifications, automated letters, and email templates.
  • The Citizenserve online portal enables businesses seeking licenses to submit applications, schedule an inspection, upload copies of required documents, pay application fees, check on the status of an application, and download approved License Certificates and ID cards through the portal.

One critical feature in Citizenserve is the ability to set User Notifications and Assignments for each permit, license, and case type so staff and departments are notified when citizens, contractors, and businesses take action on the portal. For example, if a staff member requests a revised plan document, the notification matrix will let the staff member know when the document is uploaded.

1.11.2. Does the solution allow custom branding (City of Redmond logo, for example)?

Citizenserve Response: Yes.

1.11.3. Describe the ability to generate online permits for simple projects that meet defined criteria including data validation.

Citizenserve Response: Citizenserve supports flexible workflows that incorporate data validation; we can easily configure a workflow for simple permits that generates the permit online based on specific data validation. If the City elects, the online portal can be configured to enable the contractor to download and print the permit.

1.11.5. Describe the integration into the solution including the ability to process multiple payments or partial payments for both permits and invoices.

Citizenserve Response: Citizenserve can collect a single payment and apply it across multiple permits and/or invoices. Partial payments can be configured as part of the payment process; for example, requiring plan check fees to be paid up front. Multiple payments can be applied and tracked, with custom reporting available to show detailed historical payment information at the invoice level, permit level, or both.

1.11.6. Does the payment solution allow for guest checkout options?

Citizenserve Response: This depends on the payment processor that the City decides to go with.  Most payment providers provide for a checkout process that does not require “registration” or an account with the specific payment provider.