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Community Development Software Ohio

  1. Describe user interface:  How are cases viewed / browsed?
    1. How does the system categorize properties:  parcel or address?
  2. Integration with G.I.S., Accounting Software, etc.
  3. Demo a code enforcement (property maintenance) case.
  4. Demo a licensing case.
  5. Demo a permit case including inspection logging.
  6. How might the system adapt to other case types?
    1. See attached list.
  7. Reports
    1. Ability to re-use previously created reports
    2. Auto-generation of periodic reports
  8. Online Customer Portal
  9. Data storage & ownership.
  10. Redundancy & up-time.

Case Types:

Community Development Software Illinois

Topic Task Description
Building or Utility Permit Over the Counter (instant permits) - Show the process of accepting, issuing and entering payment for small building permits submitted in person,  via fax or mail
Show the process of submitting a permit via web (public portal)
Show the process of small permit issuance via web submittal (Back end)
Show the process of entering a building permit application to include tracking of plan review
Show process of sending plan reviews to applicant (email)
Show the process for permits with no specific address
Inspection tracking Show the process of scheduling building permit inspection request (called in or requested in person) - Office staff
Show the process of requesting an inspection via web (public portal)

Land Management Software

Land Management Software Features

View parcel and land information, parcel identification numbers (PIN), ownership, addresses, child parcels, parent parcels, GIS and ESRI integration.

Property address management, land management software, managing parcel information, PIN software, parcel number maintenance, split parcels, combine parcels, parcel history software, merge parcel, property alerts, property notes, property documents, GIS layers.

Municipal Business License Software

3.1 Intake and Registration 5
3.1.1 Online Identification 5
3.1.2 Forms 5
3.1.3 Individual and/or Business Identification 5
3.1.4 Electronic Digital Signature 5
3.1.5 License Fees & Schedule 5
3.1.6 Staff Review & Approvals 6
3.1.7 License Case Management 6
3.1.8 Certificates, ID Cards, and Tags 7
3.1.9 Reporting 7
3.1.10 System Auditing 7
3.1.11 Professional Services 7
3.1.12 Security 7