6 Benefits of Integrated Government Software Solutions

In today's economic, environmental, and political climate, it's more important than ever for governments to offer govtech - otherwise known as digital services to their constituents, also referred to as e-government. Whether to work around natural disasters, toxic accidents, or global pandemics, the ability for local government staff and citizens to access government systems remotely has never been more vital. Integrating your government software solutions offers the highest level of access and service to your staff and constituents. Read on for the many benefits of integrated government software solutions.

1. Increased Data Access

Integrating government systems and departments eliminates data silos, and provides more access to data across different departments. With automated workflows, staff across departments receive assignments concurrently or sequentially depending on the requirements of the project. Staff can access the integrated information easily, allowing them to do their jobs more efficiently and with less hunting or roadblocks. With integrated government software solutions, management get a better picture of what is happening across all departments and can respond more quickly to issues.

2. Increased Data Accuracy

Integrated systems provide real time access to system data – eliminating the wait time and the sometimes-manual process of compiling data across departments. Integrated systems also prevent data duplication as the data is available across departments. When a contact is added through a code complaint, that contact info can be seen in the building or licensing departments too. Integration helps identify data conflicts – and when cleared lead to a better, more accurate system. During implementation, departments may discover conflicting data. Spend the time needed to identify the best source of data, and archive conflicting data to improve data integrity across your site.

3. Improved Data Analysis

With integrated systems, it's faster and easier to find and analyze data. An integrated government software solution should provide great reporting tools to display insights about your system. Front line staff can access reports helpful to them, while Management can see information across their department, and Directors can see data across the entire organization.

4. Increased Staff Efficiency

Integrated systems allow data to flow between departments and increases staff access to the information they need to complete their daily tasks. Integrated systems eliminate the bottlenecks that exist when data and processes are silo’d. And integrated systems move work seamlessly between different users in different departments. All of these benefits promote staff efficiency.

5. Time and Money Saved

Increased staff efficiency, centralized data management, and the ability to respond to real-time data more quickly by housing it in one integrated system saves your staff time and money.

6. Integrated Systems Replace Paper Processes

Bringing antiquated paper processes online introduces a host of benefits and costs savings, such as increased turnaround times, elimination of paperwork loss and destruction, cost savings on paper, mailing, and storage. Read more about governments going paperless.

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