Permitting Software and Implementation

Deep Dive 3 Hour Demonstration of Citizenserve by a Citizenserve Implementation Specialist

Demonstration covers citizen portal, plan review workflow, document markup and review, plan review reports, applying for permits online, one stop shop, online permitting software, plan review, and marking up documents.

1. Create a reroof permit – Demo how to make corrections such as change the address and people information.
2. Sign off a building inspection
3. Create a building inspection field correction
4. Perform a record search and if possible printing or emailing of all related information.
5. Workflow from Application to Final (Small Project)
6. Making a payment including payment type (show how this is done) and running payment reports for financial balancing to include permits that have deposits to final reconciliation such as fees due on permit or refund due, also demo how to research who made the payment and what form of payment was made.
7. Demo creating Invoices/and or a Cost Report for Citations and hearing orders and posting of payments.
8. Attach a document into the Permit Record, to include not allowing deletion of documents, placing a flag on a document that shouldn’t be deleted.
9. Assign Team Members to Permit Tasks
10. Request an Inspection – message to inspector when an inspection is requested.
11. Pull up Property History record –Show how to query-search by owner name, contractor, etc.
12. Show recent history of activity
13. Create a permit application as a contractor online including GIS component, payment, and issuance of permit please show possible errors or flags that come up on customer side such as address not found, wrong owner information, parcel number does not match etc.
14. Demonstrate GIS mapping of a group of permits (e.g. all inspections scheduled for a day)
15. Create a permit and show workflow
16. Demonstrate how plan review workflow and markup works
17. Create a code enforcement case and show workflow, conditions, sign offs, adding information to cases, how to reassign the case or change case type.
18. Demo how field inspections work
19. Run through fee posting and payment process
20. Demo how to close a permit
21. Demo online portal for citizens
22. Demo GIS interface and mapping functionality
23. Explain the end of day deposit process
24. Show the start of day for a building inspector, routing, new assignments, etc. How are inspections assigned to reduce driving while considering expertise?
25. Demo how to auto generate letters for Notices, letters, C of Os to include letters for Code Enforcement to show adding code violations/conditions.
26. Demo reports for Code Enforcement and Building such as number of cases or permits, by case type and or permit type.
27. Demo auto generated notifications to customer, staff, etc. when a permit finals and auto generate notification to outside agency such as PG&E and MID when inspector signs off a gas tag or electric tag, auto notification when a permit is set to expire.
28. Auto notifications for Code Enforcement Staff when a payment is made on an invoice, case etc.
29. Demo how to place flags or holds on a permit/parcels.
30. Demo signature pads.