Portfolio Category: Feature Profile

Quick Access Camera

Check out Citizenserve's Quick Access Camera - this feature makes creating new code cases, or adding photos to existing cases a breeze! Make sure to check us out at www.citizenserve.com to see how our community development software can support your growing community's needs!


Manage resubmittals quickly and easily with the portal Resubmittal feature. This new features allows your applicants to see review comments from the portal – either at an activity level, or consolidated at the end of the review process. Applicants can also resubmit plans directly from the review activity in the portal. These features will streamline your review process while making tracking even easier.

CUT Fields

The custom table (CUT) field type allows you to track multiple records within a permit or license and makes your data easier to view. Just like an excel table, you define the columns of data you want to collect, and your constituents can enter as many rows as they need. This field type is an elegant replacement for the ‘How many of X’ questions that trigger X number of additional questions to display when a number is provided.